13-07-2017 -- Adding support for the H. sapiens Dec 2013 GRCh38/hg38 genome assembly.

The MGA Data Repository

The Mass Genome Annotation (MGA) Data Repository stores published next generation sequencing data and other genome annotation data (such as gene start sites, SNPs, etc.) that, in conjunction with the ChIP-Seq and SSA servers, can be accessed and studied by scientists. The main characteristic of the MGA database is to store mapped data (in the form of genomic coordinates of mapped reads) and not sequence files. In this way, each sample present in the database has been pre-processed (for example sequence reads has been mapped to a genome) and presented in a standardized text format named SGA (Simple Genome Annotation).

Access to the database

Access to the database can be done in various ways:

  • Searching for keywords in the MGA-Search page. Links to documentation, relevant publication and analysis tools help in the study and interpretation of published data.
  • Via the MGA Data Overview page browsing through all series and samples.
  • Via the FTP site for data download in SGA format.
  • Through menus in all input pages of the ChIP-Seq and SSA servers.

Last update July 2017