Ercan11, Nucleosome occupancy profiling by high throughput sequencing


Nucleosome occupancy profiles of different developmental stages in C. elegans: embryos, germlineless adults, germ line containing adults, and XO hermaphrodites at L3 larval stage. A control sample is also present.


Data can be downloaded from: GEO dataset GSE20136


From C. elegans genome WC190 (ce6).

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM514735.sga Mixed stage embryos MNase GSM514735
2 GSM514736.sga Young germline-less adults MNase GSM514736
3 GSM590213.sga Young germline containing adults MNase GSM590213
4 GSM590214.sga L3 stage XO hermaphrodites MNase GSM590214
5 GSM590215.sga Control sample MNase GSM590215

Technical Notes

SRA files were downloaded from GEO GSE20136 and converted in FASTQ using fastq-dump program from sratoolkit. Mapping was done using Bowtie and sam files were converted in sga files using samtools and chipseq.


  1. Ercan S, Lubling Y, Segal E, Lieb JD.
    High nucleosome occupancy is encoded at X-linked gene promoters in C. elegans. Genome Res 2011 Feb;21(2):237-44. PMID: 21177966

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