Valouev08, A high resolution nucleosome map


In vivo positions of more than 44 million putative nucleosome cores in C.elegans using SOLiD (Applied Biosystems).


Data can be downloaded from NCBI SRA databases: SRR015241, SRR015242. Control samples can be downloaded from from NCBI SRA databases: SRR001662, SRR015240.


From C. elegans genome WC190 (ce6).

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 MNase_sample.sga MNase sample MNase -

Technical Notes

SRA files were downloaded from the NCBI SRA databases SRR015241 and SRR015242, and converted in FASTQ using fastq-dump program from sratoolkit. Mapping was done using Bowtie and sam files were converted in sga files using samtools and chipseq.


  1. Valouev A, Ichikawa J, Tonthat T, Stuart J, Ranade S, Peckham H, Zeng K, Malek JA, Costa G, McKernan K, Sidow A, Fire A, Johnson SM.
    A high-resolution, nucleosome position map of C. elegans reveals a lack of universal sequence-dictated positioning. Genome Res 2008 Jul;18(7):1051-63. PMID: 18477713

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