Teves 11, Genome wide nucleosome and Pol-II maps in S2 cells after HS treatment.


Intact nuclei of D. melanogaster S2 cells were extracted and processed to isolate "active" chromatin (low salt concentration: 80mM), "inactive" chromatin (high salt concentration: 350mM) and total chromatin.

Several treatments were aplied to the cells:

Several techniques were used:


Raw data can be downloaded from: GEO dataset GSE30755


From D. melanogaster (Aug 2014 BDGP Rel6 + ISO1 MT/dm6)

Filename Description Feature GEO-ID
1 GSM763041.sga S2|Nuclesosome|Total|control Nucleosome -
2 GSM1293957.sga S2|Nuclesosome|Total|HS Nucleosome -
3 GSM1293955.sga S2|Nuclesosome|Total|DRB Nucleosome GSM1293955
4 GSM1293956.sga S2|Nuclesosome|Total|DRB-HS Nucleosome GSM1293956
5 GSM763027.sga S2|Nuclesosome|350mM salt|control Nucleosome GSM763027
6 GSM763028.sga S2|Nuclesosome|350mM salt|HS Nucleosome -
7 GSM763029.sga S2|Nuclesosome|350mM salt|DRB Nucleosome -
8 GSM763030.sga S2|Nuclesosome|80mM salt|control Nucleosome -
9 GSM763031.sga S2|Nuclesosome|80mM salt|HS Nucleosome -
10 GSM763032.sga S2|Nuclesosome|80mM salt|DRB Nucleosome -
11 GSM763033.sga S2|Nuclesosome|80mM salt|DRB-HS Nucleosome -
12 GSM763034.sga S2|Nuclesosome|CATCH-IT|control Nucleosome -
13 GSM763035.sga S2|Nuclesosome|CATCH-IT|HS Nucleosome -
14 GSM763036.sga S2|Nuclesosome|CATCH-IT|DRB Nucleosome -
15 GSM763037.sga S2|PolII|80mMsalt|control PolII GSM763037
16 GSM763038.sga S2|PolII|80mMsalt|HS PolII GSM763038
17 GSM763039.sga S2|PolII|80mMsalt|DRB PolII GSM763039
18 GSM763040.sga S2|PolII|80mMsalt|DRB-HS PolII GSM763040

Technical Notes

This dataset was lifted over form dm3.


Teves SS, Henikoff S

Heat shock reduces stalled RNA polymerase II and nucleosome turnover genome-wide Genes Dev. 2011 Nov 15;25(22):2387-97 22085965

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