TSS annotation from NCBI RefSeq


Transcription start sites (TSS) and CDS start sites annotations derived from RefSeq.


Files downloaded from NCBI site: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genome/?term=Schizosaccharomyces+pombe
Input file format: GenBank


From Pombe 2004 (spo2) Assembly

Technical Notes

GenBank-formatted annotation file for S. pombe chromosomes (NC_003424.3, NC_003423.3, NC_003421.2) were downloaded from NCBI and converted to SGA file format for protein coding genes using in-house software.


Pruitt, Kim D., Tatiana Tatusova, Garth R. Brown, and Donna R. Maglott. NCBI Reference Sequences (RefSeq): current status, new features and genome annotation policy. Nucleic acids research 40, no. D1 (2012): D130-D135. PubMed ID: 22121212

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