19-05-2017 -- New dataset for A. thaliana

The ChIP-Seq Web Server provides access to a set of useful tools performing common ChIP-Seq data analysis tasks, including positional correlation analysis, peak detection, and genome partitioning into signal-rich and signal-poor regions.
Users can analyse their own data by uploading mapped sequence tags in various formats, including BED and BAM.
The server also provides access to hundreds of publicly available data sets such as ChIP-seq data, RNA-seq data (i.e. CAGE), DNA-methylation data, sequence annotations (promoters, polyA-sites, etc.), and sequence-derived features (CpG, phastCons scores).

The source code is available on

You find our on-line Tutorial Series here.

Please cite us using the following reference:

  • Ambrosini, G., Dreos, R., Kumar, S., and Bucher, P. BMC Genomics (2016) 17: 938. DOI:10.1186/s12864-016-3288-8
    The ChIP-Seq tools and web server: a resource for analyzing ChIP-seq and other types of genomic data

Last update May 2017