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Due to maintenance activity, ChIP-Seq might not be fully operational these days. Please contact us in case of problems.

ChIP-Part Analysis Module

Partitioning Algorithm v1.5.3

ChIP-Seq Input Data
Select available Data Sets
      Genome :   
      Data Type :   
      Series :   
      Sample :   

Server-resident SGA Files by Filename
      Filename :
      Experiment :
      Feature  :      

Upload custom Data
      from a FILE (gzip or zip formats are also accepted):
      or from a URL:
      Sort Input :       off     on       (For SGA only)
      Experiment :
      Feature  :      

Additional Input Data Options
      Strand :    +    -    any
      Centering :      
 Repeat Masker      

Partitioning Parameters

    Threshold  :

    Count density

    Relative enrichment factor
    Breaking Cost  :   Counts   DNA length equivalent
    Count Cut-off  :  

Genome Viewing Parameters

    BED Track Name   :
    Chromosome Region   :
     WIG Track Color Picker   :    


Last update October 2017